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10-Minute Guided Meditation

This 10-minute meditation is perfect for you if...

  • You’re lacking in energy.
  • Your kids tend to take a lot of your energy
  • Your kids are testing your patience

Oftentimes when we are lacking in patience and peace, we are lacking in energy. Use this meditation to find a bit more peace and energy in your life.

You can practice this meditation in a seated position or lying down.

Practice without any expectations or judgments. Learn how to find stillness in your body which helps to relax your entire nervous system.

This guided meditation will help you create more space in your mind and body as you release tension.

Meditation FAQ

Try to focus on your breath. Notice if any thoughts come up (and this is completely normal) let them go and focus back on your breath. With time and practice this will become easier. 

The goal is to find stillness. But if you have to move and readjust that is perfectly fine. The meditation above will guide you through finding stillness.

Start small with 3- 5 minutes a day and progress at the pace that works for you. Be patient.

The beautiful thing about meditation is that there is no wrong or right way. With time, practice and patience, you might start to notice the subtle changes and improvements in your life.

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