The Busy Working Mom: This Is How I Found More Time for Me

Many moms fall into the trap of needing “me” time. But where does this “me” time come from, when we are constantly taking care of our children? From having a career or working as a stay at home mom, the “ To do” list is endless.

What if I told you that you can, in fact, have your “me” time and not miss out on putting your child to bed at night, your daughter’s basketball game, or neglecting that pile of laundry? This is how I found more time for myself.

Top 3 Ways I Created More Time

  1. I changed My Perspective — Rather than delegate time throughout the day for family, cleaning, working out, or for a coffee break, I used these moments for me. Spending time doing puzzles with my children while I drink a cup of coffee now becomes the break I crave. My well deserved, much needed me time. I enjoy being present with my children as much as that cup of coffee. During dinner time I put my phone away and enjoy my meal, my family and conversation.
  2. I Meditate — Try meditation! This is my go to for most things. Have you considered adopting a daily meditation practice? Meditation helps me see things more clearly, in addition to making better, more effective decisions. I have been known to be indecisive, however, meditation has helped me change this habit dramatically. Meditating, even for a short period of time each day, allows me more space and more time for me. If you’re interested in how and where to start, try this guided meditation I created on insight timer. Meditation can be done effortlessly in 5 minutes!
  3. I Wake up Earlier — I have created a habit of now waking up before the rest of my household. I use this extra time to workout, meditate, and practice yoga. Depending on how much time I have, I may read. If waking up early is difficult for you, start with 15 minutes each day. These 15 minutes could prove invaluable and effective. Use this extra time to do something you enjoy. Maybe it’s yoga & meditation or going for a short run. It could be writing in your journal, while sipping on a cup of tea. Find what you love and embrace those 15 minutes.

Are you willing to make the change?

Small, simple positive changes and additions to an everyday routine can create massive and positive shifts in your life. Start by writing down your intention to create more time for yourself. For example your intention could be, “I will meditate daily” or “I will be present during dinner” Seeing things in a new light will open up more possibilities. Thich Nhat Hanh said it best;

“For things to reveal themselves to us, we need to be ready to abandon our views about them.”

That “me” time already exists, it’s right here, right now. Do you find yourself saying “If only there were more hours in the day!” Now what if you change that thinking to “I have more than enough time in the day” Close your eyes and envision what your day would look like. What if you woke up and said that to yourself every morning?

Changing our perspective is the first step in gaining more time and space. Letting go of old ways and views will clear a path for more possibilities.

As a busy mom it is imperative to be present and take care of you. A beautiful way to be present is to practice yoga and meditation. You could even include your children in your yoga and meditation practice. My daughter looks forward to practicing yoga with me every night.

Our children are constantly watching and learning from us. The most important thing that any mom can do, is be the best version of herself . Being that person requires having those sacred, present moments, where joy and happiness fulfill any wants and needs.

Are you an overwhelmed mom? Do you need more time and less stress in your life?

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