How to Get Through Motherhood Without Losing Your Mind

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I often hear people say, they want to learn how to meditate, but they don’t know how. “How do I know if I’m doing it right?” “Do I listen to music? or Do I light candles?” and a very familiar question, “Where do I begin?”

Meditation is an aware state of being that can bring about deep personal insight and healing. Meditation can help from dealing with depression and anxiety to physical ailments.

Through meditation we can find our life’s purpose and live with more happiness and peace. Do you crave more happiness and peace when being a mom gets challenging? Overtime meditation can lessen these negative feelings and bring about positive change.

“In a nutshell, meditation is the stilling of all your conscious faculties in order to be present in the moment”

(Bentley, Preston)

In other words, being fully aware and mindful, rather than running through the motions of being a mom. Continue reading for a simple guide to meditating.

10 Easy Steps: Learn how to Meditate

  1. Set aside time each day, whether its 5 minutes or 10 minutes. Remember committing to any time period will be effective.
  2. Pick a technique or guided meditation. I resonate with mantras and lately Yoga Nidra.
  3. Find a comfortable sitting position or you can lay down. However, I recommend sitting upright, so that you are less likely to drift off to sleep.
  4. Set a timer on your phone for at least 5 minutes. Insight timer has an option to use the timer setting, which will end your session with beautiful bells or gongs.
  5. Close your eyes and settle into stillness. If you notice any tension in your body, tell yourself to be still.

If you are listening to a guided meditation start now! Otherwise continue on to step 6 for directions on meditating with mantras .

6. Take notice of your breathing; inhales and exhales. Let them be natural. Notice the temperature of your breath. Cool air on inhale, warm air on exhale.

7. Choose your intention, a short mental statement. An example is, I am happy or I am at peace.

8. Take 7 mindful breaths. With each breath mentally repeat your intention.

9. If any outside thoughts arise, acknowledge them, let them go and stay present with your breath. Continue breathing naturally.

10. Once the timer goes off, slowly open your eyes, stretch your legs and arms.

You have meditated in 10 easy steps!

Are you a mom? Do you want more information on yoga and meditation?

Keris Timol

Keris Timol

Keris Timol is mom and mindset and yoga coach inspired to help mothers live empowered with more patience, peace, and purpose. Learn more about Keris' story.


I'm Keris Timol

I’m a mindset and yoga coach and mom inspired to help mothers live empowered with more patience, peace, and purpose.

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